Violent Vanity
With the Violent Vanity you can rest assured, cosmetic adjustments are made with ruthless efficiency.
Clover Mirror
Studies have proven that good luck more frequently comes to those who believe they are lucky.
Clubs Mirror
The best looking people can always be found at the parties in the House of Clubs
Go about your daily business while the fires of damnation burn endlessly on your bedside table.
Hand Mirror
Palm reading has never been so revelatory. Look into the present moment with the Hand Mirror
Hand Mirror OK
Objects will one day replace words you will need to carry them around and hold them up at the right moment.
Skull Mirror
Get the skeletons out of your closet and onto public display with the Flagship skull.
Swiss Vanity
The ultimate in self protection, the Violent Vanity is the only weapon that also caters to the narcissistic urge.
Start with a single tree and collect them till you have a forest.
Crossbones Mirror
From the catacombs of the Flagship we unearth the Mirror Crossbones. They donít smell.
Evil Word
You know it exists but now you can put it on your bedside table.
The Founder
Puffing on a cigar and hatching secret plans, let the founder do the worrying for you.

Dimensions 6.5 x 5.7cm
Price $28 (with comic)
Miss Flatland
Not everyone can be Miss Flatland not many people would want to be. She is happy and always waving.

Dimensions 10 x 4 cm
Price $28 (with comic)
Bird Woman
Sheís the next lucky charm and the total control of our feathered friends is obviously an empowering experience.

Dimensions 8.8 x 4.5cm
Price $28 (with comic)
If you are lost and alone and hear the consoling howling of wolves, fear not, your friends the wolves will keep you warm.

Dimensions 3.7 x 6cm
Price $28 (with comic)
Palm Tree
Relax, enjoy the sun and donít worry about getting burnt, youíre in the Shadows.

Dimensions 12 x 8cm
Price $34 (with comic)
Oil Pump
Think of the riches or just ponder the consequences of the Oil peak. Pumping 24/7.

Dimensions 11.2 x 12cm
Price $44 (with comic)
Suspicious Package
Do only suspicious minds recognize the importance of the suspicious package? It could have anything inside ...

Dimensions 2.3 x 2.7cm
Price $20 (with comic)
Released Nov 2004
Edition 40
Sold Out

Flatland Classic is an imaginary world set in the Flatland Complex, a fictitious super mall represented in this dimension through the Flatland merchandise.  Experience the exhilaration of simulated social situations knowing that in Flatland everything is going to be ok. These limited edition plastic figurines are your new lucky charms. Collect from a range including “Pack of Dogs”, “Office Play Set” or rock out with the “All Girl Punk Band”. Re-enact scenes from your life in your own home or office, the way it should have been. All figurines come packaged with the Flatland mini comic, an introduction to the world of objects and characters that inhabit Flatland.